Fromagerie Villiers
1 bis Les Communes
- Coupigny
76390  Illois
N°TVA : 30428128615

Neufchâtel's fabric near Aumale

The Villiers family has been making Neufchatel for six generations, using traditional methods and always with the same passion as their ancestors.

The Neufchatel cheese is submitted to rigorous checks by the control for quality and origin. The Villiers dairy obtained a certificate of excellence (gourmet) in June 2005, from the “Institut Régional Qualité Agro-Alimentaire” in Normandy (IRQAA Normandy).

The oldest of the Normandy cheeses

The origins of Neufchatel cheese are very ancient. It was mentioned in 1050 and is, in fact, the oldest Normandy cheese.

Neufchatel takes on many shapes : the brick, the cylinder, and the heart. The heart was the first to be mentioned in medieval time. During the Hundred Years' War, because of the language barrier, the young women expressed their love for the English soldiers, who occupied Normandy; by giving them heart-shaped Neufchatel cheese.

Neufchâtel’s fabric

The Villiers Neufchatel is exclusively made with unpasteurised milk. It is a very creamy cheese. After the rennet has been added to the milk, curds are obtained which are pressed and then mixed with 2% of salt before being moulded into shape. After 6 days a white crust appears which is called the flower (“la fleur”).

The cheese is submitted to constant quality controls during its manufacture. Extremely rigorous tests are made at every stage.

Our cheese is presented in various packaging (wrapped or unwrapped in crates). A special packaging is proposed for the Coupigny